Outsource your payroll to RSM for a comprehensive and flexible service tailored to your needs.

We offer a bespoke payroll service according to the requirements of your business from meeting helping you meet basic requirements to the full management and outsourcing of your payroll processing throughout the year.

This flexibility makes our outsourced payroll services suitable for any business size. 

Payroll expertise

All RSM’s outsourced payroll services are provided by dedicated, qualified staff based in Gibraltar. Our staff are fully trained and undertake continuing development to ensure they are proficient with current legislation and best practice.

The quality of our staff and the robustness of our internal procedures make the RSM’s payroll service a reliable, cost-effective alternative to in-house and other traditional back office solutions.

In summary, here are the services we provide:

  • PAYE;
  • Social Insurance;
  • Pension contributions;
  • Holiday pay;
  • Bonus payments;
  • Christmas savings plans;
  • Loan repayments;
  • Statutory Sick pay;
  • Statutory Maternity and Parental Pay;
  • Tax arrears deductions;
  • Monthly payments;
  • Form P8 - year end returns;
  • Form P10 - regarding benefits in kind;
  • Form P7 -  annual certificates to employees;
  • Form P7A and Form dss/c08 for leavers;
  • Agreeing terms of engagement to register employees;
  • Preparing notice of vacancy; 
  • Preparation of notice of variation of terms of engagement;
  • Registering termination of employment; and
  • Arranging work permits.

We are also able to provide a wide variety of reports to suit your needs and requirements:

  • Gross to net payroll reports;
  • General payroll reports;
  • Nominal ledger journal reports;
  • All relevant end of year reports, Income Tax and Social Insurance returns;
  • Income Tax and Social Insurance returns; and
  • Payslips.

How can we help you?

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