Reacting swiftly and decisively to signs of decline maximizes an organization’s opportunity to recover. The sooner organizations seek specialist advice, the more likely it is that long-lasting improvements can be made. That’s where RSM Gibraltar’s corporate restructuring services come in. 

Business decline can happen for any number of reasons, from poor cash flow to evolving markets, litigation, or generational issues. Our experienced team works in partnership with a wide range of organizations to diagnose and overcome the unique issues they face. Through RSM’s international network of over 120 consultancy firms, we are also able to draw upon local knowledge for cross-border restructuring assignments. 

Our business restructuring experts advise boards and stakeholders – including lenders, investor groups, creditors, and landlords – on crisis stabilization, turnaround strategies, and restructuring plans. We understand it can be tough to acknowledge or face such challenging scenarios. But no matter your size or industry, we can provide the objective analysis and recommendations these sensitive situations often demand.  

Our business restructuring services 

All our business restructuring solutions can be tailored to your exact requirements. It’s only from a deep-rooted understanding of our clients’ issues and environments that we’re able to enable positive change.  

We can support your organization throughout every stage of its lifecycle. Depending on the nature of your situation, relevant capabilities your business may benefit from include: 

  • Analyzing your business risk and long-term viability 
  • Planning and implementing profit and cash flow improvement and cost-cutting strategies 
  • Redesigning your corporate structure to optimize processes and financial performance 
  • Exiting unprofitable customer agreements, product lines, or entire business departments 
  • Identifying and reducing the risk of employee fraud through enhanced financial and technological controls 
  • Securing appropriate funding  
  • Supporting lender or creditor negotiations and building confidence 

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Our corporate restructuring experts can support your business in identifying underlying issues and moving from a state of crisis to long-term survival. Driving and navigating such change can be more difficult from the inside, making our external perspective exceptionally valuable.    

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