ISO 27001 is a widely used international standard which represents the best practices for an gdpr_regulation_data_complex_green.pngInformation Security Management System (ISMS). 

This standard is based on a risk-based approach to information security which initially requires the identification of security risk areas and their respective risks, after which the appropriate controls can be identified to minimise the effect of each identified risk. There are a total of 114 controls grouped into 14 categories listed in this standard. 

At RSM Malta we offer a variety of IT and information security services which ensure that the risks within your organisation are identified, reduced and managed in the most efficient manner. Our specialised team of professionals have the right knowledge and experience in information technology and security practices to provide you with practical hands-on solutions and advice, including: 

  • Independent Security Audits aligned to ISO 27001; 
  • ISO 27001 compliance gap assessment; 
  • ISO 27001 implementation and certification guidance; 
  • IT Audit Outsourcing / Co-sourcing; 
  • Risk Management Framework setup or review; 
  • Information Security Policy writing; 
  • Tailored security awareness and training; 
  • Cyber-Security Incident and Threat Management; 
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery plan development, review, and testing. 

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