Business strategy is an exercise focused on the future of your organisation. COVID-19 has brought with it new challenges that quite possibly have disrupted businesses' long-term strategy more than ever before. All this brings with it change that is not always easy to communicate and to implement.

Just to mention one example, the full transition to a green economy has already started and businesses that in the next few months and years don't plan ahead to be compliant with the new regulations that are coming into affect, will face an unenviable situation. The question is not only how to become sustainable but also how to stay sustainable going forward.

This is especially true if you are a start-up or a scaleup ready to start operations. Having solid foundations is essential for a young business and this includes everything from legal requirements to people management to sourcing.

Adapting to change can also be difficult, irrespective of the maturity state of a company. Change and change management has to have its roots ingrained in the structure of the organisation. If the structure is not geared towards managing change effectively and in a timely manner, the targeted results will never be achieved.

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