Fintech refers to the financial technology which is allowing for new and innovative ideas which could change the financial sector as we know it.  At the moment we can consider Fintech as one of the main drivers for growth in the Maltese financial services industry. This IT strategy can take on challenges related to consumer protection rules, international tax laws, and management of data sharing risks.

For a financial institution, a fintech acquisition or partnership can open the door to a variety of new business, operational and customer engagement opportunities. 

RSM is committed to keep abreast with technology and innovation which is why it was recently partnered with fintech and fully understands the transformative opportunities digital strategies, new technologies, big data, artificial intelligence and other innovations bring to its clients and prospective clients. 

As RSM we will understand our clients and fulfil our role as first-choice advisers, as clients contemplate new ways of doing business to succeed in today’s rapidly changing and increasingly global economy.

Our team at RSM is able to combine fintech expertise with years of experience in advisory, accounting, audit and tax, delivering the right assistance for our clients.