RSM Malta
8 November 2018

Confidence and trust in an age of disruption

Technology leaves no stone unturned, disrupting sectors and professions, and in turn fuelling cycles of adaptation and survival. The accountancy profession is not immune to disruption and has come a long way from the traditional manual bookkeeping...
7 November 2018

Foreign Investment Levels Indicate That Malta Is Still A Good Investment Destination

“Real economic activity in 2018 is robust and currently at around 5.4 per cent, making it one of the higher ones in the EU. This has had a positive effect on public debt that continues to decrease as a percentage of GDP, with Government also...


31 October 2018

RSM at the Malta Blockchain Summit 2018

Malta, with its new regulatory framework, is leading the pack. The Malta Blockchain Summit is a reflection of this momentum.
26 October 2018

Identifying the ideal time to apply for EU Funding for your business.

There are currently several opportunities available to commercial entities wishing to grow their business. The Business Enhance Grants managed by the Measures and Support Division are open to both start-ups and established businesses alike.
Malta Budget 2019
22 October 2018

Malta Budget 2019

On the  22 October 2018, the Minister for Finance announced Malta's budget for 2019. Here is our summary of the salient measures announced. Download Here - Malta Budget 2019
17 October 2018

MFSA issues anti-money laundering guidelines on PEPs

The financial services watchdog has introduced new anti-money laundering measures that target politically exposed persons. 
27 September 2018

Better late than never, but watch out!!

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) EU 2016/679 came into full force earlier this year - 25th May 2018. Since being published in the Official Journal of the European Union, back in May of 2016, a lot has been done by industries and...
14 August 2018

Prevention of Money Laundering

As a European Union member state, Malta has implemented all EU Directives regulating the prevention of money laundering.