5 March 2021

Benefit of Tax Exemption for Voluntary Organisations Extended

By means of Legal Notice 39 of 2021, with effect from year of assessment 2022, a voluntary organisation shall be exempt from tax if its turnover for a given year does not exceed €50,000. This amount was previously capped at €10,000.
5 February 2021

Deadline for tax return by a principal taxpayer extended

The Commissioner for Revenue has announced an extension in the deadline for a principal taxpayer to file an electronic income tax return in respect of a fiscal unit for Year of Assessment 2020. The deadline of 28 February 2021 has now been extended...


4 February 2021

Publication of Guidelines for DAC 6

The Commissioner for Revenue has published its “Guidelines on the Mandatory Automatic Exchange of Information in relation to Cross-Border Arrangements” and DAC6 XML Schema User Guide.
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2 February 2021

A Background into the Malta Tourism Strategy 2021-2030

Between 2010 and 2019, Malta witnessed ten years of high growth in the tourism sector. In 2019, 2.75 million tourists visited the Maltese islands.  This growth, however, was abruptly halted when COVID-19 was declared a global pandemic.
1 February 2021

ESEF Reporting Postponed by a Year

The Listing Authority has approved the postponement by one year of the requirement for issuers to prepare their annual financial reports in a single electronic reporting format. Issuers shall now have the option to prepare their financial statements...
28 January 2021

Happy Data Protection/Privacy Day!

Data Protection/Privacy Day is celebrated each year on January 28. If you are also celebrating this day, you are on the right track. Securing personal information is of paramount importance and dedicating a day to it every year is a great start. In...
6 January 2021

Covid Wage Supplement Scheme 2021

The Covid Wage Supplement Scheme has been improved to not only safeguard current jobs but also to encourage further business growth. The Scheme introduced the following improvements:
19 November 2020

Clarifications to the Consolidated Group Rules

The Office of the Commissioner for Revenue (“the CfR”) has issued a number of clarifications in relation to Subsidiary Legislation 123.189 Consolidated Group (Income Tax) Rules (“the Rules”). 
5 November 2020

Construction Industry Scheme

The Construction Industry Scheme encourages operators to scrap and replace old machinery and equipment with new machinery and/or equipment that generates less environmentally harmful emissions. Eligible applicants include companies, partnerships,...