RSM renews Gold Collaboration Agreement with The Malta Chamber
1 September 2022

RSM renews Gold Collaboration Agreement with The Malta Chamber

RSM Malta is delighted to announce the renewal of the Gold Collaboration Agreement with The Malta Chamber. RSM will collaborate with the The Malta Chamber on the formation of policies related to human capital which will continue to be the focus of...
18 July 2022

Investing in Risk Management

It is understood that the majority of business leaders comprehend the fact that in order for their respective organisations to generate revenues and profits, the organisation must take risks. After all, as the saying goes, No Risk No Reward.
13 July 2022

Article 30 GDPR – Records of Processing Activities.

One of the measures imposed by Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament (General Data Protection Regulation – “the GDPR”) relates to the obligation for controllers and processors to keep a record of processing activities relating to...


10 June 2022

The importance of pre-empting risks

In an earlier post we highlighted that one of the roles and responsibilities of any organisation’s Board is to ensure the organisation’s structure and supporting environment for an effective and efficient risk management framework to operate is prop
20 May 2022

Does your board have the right “make-up”?

When organisations are thinking of appointing individuals onto their Board, what characteristics are traditionally being taken into consideration? One would argue that many consider characteristics such as passion, knowledge, mindset, support and...
11 April 2022

Personal Data Breaches Notification

Have you ever sent an email to the incorrect email address or received postal mail which was not addressed to you?  I think the answer is: who hasn’t.
8 April 2022

ERM – Limitations of traditional risk management

One frequently comes across the terms Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) and Risk Management being interchangeably used by many stakeholders out there. However, it is important to note that it is also interchangeably wrong.
7 April 2022

What is ERM?

Without going into its roots, Risk Management has been around since after World War II.