KnowBe4 leverages a vast repository of data gathered from a diverse range of clients worldwide to establish best practices tailored to your organisation's needs. It focuses on enhancing the security resilience of a company's Human Firewalls, the primary target for cyber attackers. It also has the capability to seamlessly integrate with various technology software to both monitor company activities and proactively mitigate potential threats posed by users. 

Additionally, we provide real-time coaching to users, using data from existing security systems to address and rectify security mistakes as they happen. With KnowBe4, you can consolidate compliance, monitoring, training, and implementation into one comprehensive solution. We also utilise data analysis to suggest campaigns and templates based on past results, ensuring your organisation remains ahead of potential threats. 

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Why choose KnowBe4?

Training and phishing simulation campaign can be carried out with ease due to its extensive database of templates on a wide variety of topics, risks and threats, compliance standards while also having the option to upload and create your own. KnowBe4 can also be used to manage and automate a company’s onboarding programme. 

Gain expert insight through the intelligent analytical capabilities of the platform that helps ensure users are up to date on their training and are also tested regularly. 

It has controls to carry out both reactive and a proactive approach to preventing threats to the company’s. 

It is a scalable software service.  

Contact us to receive a demo on how the KnowBe4 platform works and receive limited test tools to try it out.