The Real Estate Tax Guide provides companies and investors with a comprehensive overview of the taxation of real estate investments in Spain and other European countries. 


The readers of the Tax Guide are informed in detail about all tax aspects of the acquisition, holding and disposal of directly or indirectly held real estate by domestic and foreign investors and legal entities, highlighting various legal forms, e.g. registered and private companies, investment funds, partnerships and trusts.

Please note these guides are designed to provide general information only and they do not constitute professional advice. For more specific information, please contact an RSM adviser.

Sergio García, Partner of Tax from RSM Spain and member of the RSM European Real Estate Group: "We are pleased to present the latest edition of the "RSM European Real Estate Tax Guide": Information on the tax environment in 23 European countries optimally supports our clients and partners in cross-border real estate transactions and thus significantly contributes to their economic success. The guide provide European investors with an overview on real estate tax levies in Spain. Each of RSM's local real estate desks is a success factor in connecting with RSM's global network of real estate experts and a variety of industry-focused RSM team members."

Here is our Real Estate Tax Guide for 2024, enjoy reading!

Spain Real Estate Tax Guide 2024