It’s important for businesses to understand the risks that can occur when trading globally. Depending on where you are trading, exchange regulations will vary, and it might be costly to train your staff to understand every single one of them

Having the correct legal advice will ensure that you are covered, wherever you decide to ship or import your products from and will save lots of time and effort searching for someone who is compliant with these exchange regulations to join your business.

You won’t have to worry about any shock import or export charges, and you’ll know exactly where your business stands when trading.

It’s important to follow these exchange control regulations and develop a set pathway to follow in order to manage trade and tariffs on a global scale. Having these procedures in place will save your business money, reduce time spent on researching the different exchange regulations for the countries in which you trade in, and support the efficiency in which your business operates.


When you use our exchange regulations services, you’ll receive advice from exchange control experts who deal with this field on a daily basis. Our exchange control professionals will provide you with detailed exchange control analysis and have your business working in the right direction.

Taking into consideration the strict Exchange Control in effect, RSM Argentina offers you alternatives and solutions including the following exchange regulations solutions: 

Analysis over the regulatory scope applicable on exchange’s incomes and expenditure

Regulations counseling regarding accumulation, dividends payment and operations among related companies.

Regulations counseling over operations with securities (CCL Dollar (1), MEP Dollar (2)).

(1) Operation by means of which a person can buy a bond in Argentina pesos and later sell it at an American dollar value and vice versa and the currency is kept outside Argentina market. 

(2) Operation by means of which a person can buy a bond in Argentina pesos and later sell it at an American dollar value within the Argentina market.


We have firms in over 120 countries and are in each of the top 40 major business centers throughout the world and 830 offices across the Americas, Europe, MENA, Africa and Asia Pacific.

For more exchange regulations solutions, contact us and one of our specially trained experts will be happy to help.