Our Vision

We want to guide companies in their end-to-end climate control process by implementing digital tools, IoT systems and AI analyses, linked to a structured process, ensuring that these companies continue to evolve towards a sustainable organisation that remains competitive in all segments of the market. 

Our Statement

Our commitment to the planet.

RSM Sustainability believes it can make the difference by keeping control over CO2 and believing that every sustainable step brings us closer to a carbon neutral environment.

We will continue to help organisations controlling their carbon footprint in respect with the wellness of their fellow human being.

Our Focus

We strive to uphold the well-being of your employees and colleagues.
We do this by making your installations "smart now", and prepare them to further define your sustainable policy. As a result, we guarantee you a continuous evolution towards comfort-oriented and smart workplaces. At the same time and at least even important, we zoom in on your CO2e footprint to keep it under control. We investigate your supply chain to make your organization CO2e resilient. We make your carbon footprint tangible ensuring transparent communication, ready to share with all stakeholders.

Join us in making this difference.


We all have the pressing question, are people going to stay at home or go on site? The year 2021 is a transition year where homework has taken a prominent place. We see that the employee seeks a bond with its company to be able to feel the values and culture. The exchange moments that accompany this are important for the business community. The processes, innovation and good working methods are shared, and the best ideas are created at the coffee machine. Our advice is to convert your office and workplace as much as possible into a second home.

Profitability challenge

Your company faces a major challenge. How can you do sustainable business, give your employees the necessary comfort, prepare the supporting installations to keep climate emissions under control, and guarantee a healthy and pleasant working environment, without having to compromise on profitability. All the way we will reflect with you to find the best possible solutions for you and your company.

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We want to guide you towards your sustainable future. Our aim is to help you in your end-to-end approach and to unburden you as much as possible.

We go from technics over advising to implementing.

  • We use and can install IoT metering to measure your carbon footprint.
  • We collect this data in RSIMS
  • We set up a carbon reduction baseline
  • We propose in line with this baseline a reduction strategy
  • We see how we can jointly implement it.
  • We assist you for all the years you think is needed.
  • We transform all this data into a non-financial report based on GRI and/or SDG methodology.

Or we walk along with you for the part you just need.

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