Sustainability Insights januari 2022 - Duurzaamheid wordt verplicht in het jaarverslag

17 January 2022
Duurzaamheid wordt steeds belangrijker en rapporteren over ESG (environmental, social and governance) wordt verplicht in het jaarverslag, om op transparante wijze de continuïteit van de bedrijven te onderstrepen. Een gemeenschappelijke standaard wordt gelanceerd door de Europese Commissie onder de naam CSRD.


23 October 2019
De Commissie Corporate Governance heeft onlangs een nieuwe code inzake deugdelijk bestuur gepubliceerd, de « Code 2020 ».

Sustainability Newsletter 2017-03 COP 23

10 November 2017
Kick-off of the 23rd edition of the Conference of the Parties What was in stake in the previous editions?

Sustainability Newsletter 2017-02 Law of September 3rd 2017 related to non-financial information

25 October 2017
Law of September, 3rd 2017 Belgium has translated the European Directive related to the publication of non-financial information and diversity information for some large entities in the law of September, 3rd 2017. This law amends article 96 of the company code concerning the management report content.

Sustainability Newsletter 2016-03 New GRI standards

30 December 2016
What is the new structure ? What are the differences between G4 and GRI standards ? How to use/reference the standards?   Read more :

Sustainability Newsletter 2016-02 Award for the Best Belgian Sustainability Report 2016

11 August 2016
Award for the Best Belgian Sustainability Report 2016 Who can participate ? Categories of reports Evaluation criteria Why should your organization apply to the Awards 2016? Apply for the Awards 2016 !

Sustainability Newsletter 2016-01 Non Financial reporting

9 January 2016
European Directive 2014/95/EU regarding the disclosure of non-financial and diversity information by certain large underakings or groups Entities to which the directive applies Objective of the directive Which information should be disclosed

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