Birth of a Parastatal

Botswana Parastatals are autonomous implementing authorities born out of a specifically enacted Statute in the National Parliament with the assent of the President of Republic of Botswana.  Soon after enactment strategic consultancy work is undertaken by the Government for strategy and organizational matters.  A Chairman is appointment and a board is formed.  Then the Parastatal appoints a CEO.  These are strategic and high-level structural matters. 

Managing Transformation 

The biggest challenge at this stage is practical implementation so that the Parastatal is able to conduct autonomous, dovetailed and independent operations from A to Z, so that organically it is cut of the Government system in day-to-day operational sense.  RSM Botswana has nursed such new born pararstatals by seconing staff as part of capacity building or restructuring exercise.  RSM Botswana has offered successfully HR and Finance Consulting services which are a peculiar combination of outsourcing and consulting service. 

RSM has been a backbone to a few Botswana Parastatals

Local Enterprise Authority (LEA), Non-Bank Financial Institutions Regulatory Authority (NBFIRA), Selibe-Phikwe Economic Development Unit (SPEDU), Botswana Geoscience Institute (BGI) are examples to show case RSM Botswana's expertise in Parastatal Operational Management Services.

Accounting Estimate

24 September 2021
Accounting Estimates

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21 September 2021
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Governance Risk Compliance - 4policy Sofware

21 September 2021
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SimpleRisk, A Simple Risk Management Tool

Botswana Budget 2021-2022 Summary

3 February 2021
Download Tax Highlights from 2021-2022 Budget: tax_highlights_of_2021-22_botswana_budget.pdf