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SimpleRisk, A Simple Risk Management Tool

1 July 2021
SimpleRisk, A Simple Risk Management Tool

NBFIRA Corporate Governance

1 July 2021
Non Bank Financial Institutions Regulatory Authority (NBFIRA) published Corporate Governance Regulations in 2012 for security businesses (stock exchange, brokers, depositories, etc.).  As you will observe while reading, Regulations set minimum standards when it comes to operations, administration and oversight of security bus

Transformational Growth

12 February 2020
Transformational Growth is within reach  

MOSIRELETSI - Botswana's Risk Register Software!

13 November 2017
RSM Botswana has developed Mosiriletsi, a Risk Register Software in collaboration with SAiS, Botswana Oracle Partners.

Risk Embedded Organisation

13 September 2017
Enterprise-Wide Risk Management (ERM) Getting to a risk-embedded organisation

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