Risk Embedded Organisation

Enterprise-Wide Risk Management (ERM)

Getting to a risk-embedded organisation

No thinking or doing can ever happen without consideration to risk.  No policies and procedures can stand without consideration to risk.  No contract internal or external can be entered without consideration or risk.  Is your company there?  Begin the journey now with RSM.  Risk Management practice is a legal compulsion for large public interest entities, banks and insurance companies.  Even otherwise risk management enhances your 2E – Efficiency and Effectiveness.

In response to these demands RSM provides practical training workshops for senior and executive management, risk managers and internal auditors for developing and implementing risk management architecture around business strategy for organizations.  The training program has been benchmarked with COSO Framework and ISO 31000 which are leading references for enterprise wide risk management frameworks in both the public and private sector businesses.  Our risk management program offers practical illustrations on how to apply the enterprise wide frameworks to strategic and divisional objectives of organization and demonstrates application of risk management.

Practical and Ready-to-Go ERM Course for

  • Designing ERM Framework
  • Aligning risk management to strategy
  • Compliance model through tactical and operations
  • Sound Risk management process to identify, assess, and respond to risk
  • Practical illustration and development of risk registers
  • Designing the strategy for implementing and embedding risk management and risk culture within the organization – From Current State to Desired State.

The Training Course / Workshop which is not only practical but also ready-to-go because it applies the principles to every participant’s work situation, is spread over 3 days and is priced based on the professional hours spent.  It will be about 30 hours of delivery time and 30 hours of preparation time.  Venue costs and food costs are extra.  VAT will be extra.  The training will be specific to the situation or organization or participants.  You can save venue costs by asking us to host your in our Conference Room.  The price includes Lecture slides Workbooks Assessment tools, Certification and Refreshments.  We don't charge per participant to save costs for you.  The course is BQA accredited and trainers too are BQA accredited.

Lead Trainers

Rre Iqbal Batty

He worked for KPMG Botswana, World Group, Bank of Botswana and Botswana Power Corporation. Iqbal also worked for Deloitte and Treger Industries in Zimbabwe and BP in South Africa. He was involved in the rolling out of risk management for BP Southern Africa, Botswana Insurance, Botswana Ash, Venture Partners Botswana, Micro Provident Limited, Botswana Housing Corporation, Botswana National Productivity Centre, BCL Mines, Ministry of Local Government, Citizen Entrepreneurial Development Agency, Public Procurement and Asset Disposal Board, Botswana Examinations Council, Botho University, Local Enterprise Authority, Funeral Services Group, Bokomo Foods, Botswana Agricultural Marketing Board and twenty six (26) ministries in Central Government through the Office of Internal Audit with the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning in Botswana. 

Rre Buzwani Manyepedza

He is a qualified chartered Accountant and Business Graduate with an extensive experience in Strategic Leadership, Manufacturing operations, Change Management, Finance, Accounting and General Operations Management. His experience spans over 17 years in various leadership positions including in mining, Telemetry, manufacturing and service organizations including consulting.  His skills include Risk Management and Corporate Governance, Finance and Accounting, Project Management, People Management, Operations and Production Management, Mining and Cost Accounting, Sales Management.

Rre Guru Gurumoorthi

He is a Certified Internal Auditor, a Specialist Member of the Institute of Risk Management (UK) and Chartered Accountant.  He is the founding Managing Partner of RSM Botswana, a member firm of RSM International. He has an enormous 35 years of experience in internal audit, consulting, taxation and risk management. He was the President for Botswana Institute of Chartered Accountants (BICA) and a was a Governor of Botswana Institute of Internal Auditors (BIIA).

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