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Botswana Stock Exchange trades in Equities both domestic and foreign.  It has Venture capital board.  In addition to equity, the Exchange trades in corporate bonds, government bonds and exchanged traded funds.  The exchange has now Tshipidi Counter for SMEs and growing companies that aspire for listing on main boards within a period of say 3 to 5 years.  Types Of Business Entities | RSM Botswana has a list of companies quoted on Botswana Stock Exchange sector or industry wise.


Securities for listing must be fully paid up and freely transferable.  Non- voting equity securities can't be listed.  Convertible securities may be listed only if sufficient unissued securities are available.  Dividends must be declared 14 days prior to the last day of registering shares through Botswana Stock Exchange with a copy to shareholders. Decision not to declare dividends must also be communicated through Botswana Stock Exchange, since generally such decisions are price sensitive.  Interim reports and preliminary reports must be published in the press and distributed to shareholders half yearly and quarterly respectively. Alteration to capital structure, basis of allotment of listed shares offered to the public for cash and claw- back offers to shareholders, extensions to temporary documents of title, issues affecting conversion rights, results affecting new issues - all these matters should be published by way of press announcement.  Audited financial statements must be distributed to BSE Listing Committee and to the shareholders within 6 months of the end of the year and 21 days before the date of the annual general meeting.

For Detailed Listing Rules please click bse_listings_requirements.pdf.


Listing rules will change in a big way effective 1st January 2019.  Please click listing_major_changes_july18.pdf for a powerpoint presentation from

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