Partners of RSM Botswana are pleased to publish this DOING BUSINESS IN BOTSWANA containing good pieces of information about investing in Botswana.  This informaiton is updated on on 15th June 2021.

Botswana has a rich tradition of welcoming, respecting and comforting guests and investors alike - whether they are resident investors or international investors.  We welcome you to this small but stable economy.   Botswana is a great country and is the best kept secret of Africa. We hope that any foreign or local investor will be able to protect his or her investment, to get educated, qualified and trainable members of staff, to import capital equipment free of duties, to find enormous market by accessing the entire Southern African Development Community (SADC) region using Botswana as a pivotal hub, to repatriate investments without restrictions, to have an investor-friendly environment to continue investing and growing and of course, continue enjoying the scenic beauty of the country and the hospitality of her people.  Government of Botswana has made Botswana an investor friendly country because she believes that being investor friendly is the only effective way for the economy to offer her citizens the much needed employment opportunities and economic growth.  However there are certain economic activities reserved for citizens.

Botswana also equally welcomes any skilled person to seek employment in Botswana subject to the only requirement that the applicant imparts skills to the understudy who should be able to take over his or her position within the time agreed with the Commissioner of labour.

Any reader is most welcome to email any query whether clarification or additional information to [email protected] for it will only help us to come up with better revisions of DOING BUSINESS IN BOTSWANA.

We wish all readers - clients and prospects alike - a very fruitful reading and an effective doing following reading! Hopefully you will get in touch with RSM Botswana which is always prepared to welcome you both both hands unfolded to invest in Botswana.


Prosper Muonde, Managing Partner, 15th June 2021

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