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Family businesses serve a very important cause that can't be translated into money or book of accounts - keeping the families together.  Families decide on issues differently, in situations where family relationship may bring about a conflict with business interests.  Sometimes and some familities decide on the basis that family relationship is much more important than business.  Sometimes and some other familities decide on the basis that family relationship should not stop the growth of business.   It is always nice to have a "Rule Book" accepted by family members to resolve situations like this.  The Rule Book may be formal  like family Trusts and Family Office or informal like a simple but strong understanding put in writing or otherwise often witnessed by or in presence of other important family member or members. 


CEDA Guidelines Revised to Stimulate Botswana Economy

8 August 2020
[This article is based on our understanding of the State President His Excellency Dr. Mokgweetsi Masisi''s annoucement in July 2020, CEDA Chairman's address and other materials available on CEDA website (]

Covid 19 Bank Guarantee Scheme

21 June 2020

Xero Cloud Accounting Relief during and beyond Covid!

1 May 2020
[Download printer friendly version from

Sham or Badly Administered Trusts

8 January 2020
"Don’t judge a book by its cover"

Trust Law Amendments In the Right Direction

30 December 2019
The   Transfer Duty (Amendment) Act 2019 and the Trust Property Control (Amendment) Act 2019 will enable families to set up Trusts in an affordable and a more regulated environment. This article will explain how RSM Botswana will lead you in the Creation, Growth and Protection of your legacy through a sound, robust and compliant estate plan in this new

Succession Planning

3 September 2019
SUCCESSION PLANNING It simply means 3 things.

Is Audit a Value-Add?

10 August 2019
There clearly is a business case for external audits.  Shareholders own shares.  They don't own the business.  The shareholders put initial money or desparate money.  But directors and employee put (use) their intelligence, hardwork and honesty.  Customers put (place) their trust.  Suppliers put (deliver) their goods.  Local community and Government put (lend) thei

The New Botswana Order

10 June 2019
We are now living in a new Botswana.  This Botswana is different, of course for better.  The country has changed in response to regional and global legal and economic climate.  We all, particularly those in business whether in entrepreneurial business world or corporate business world or Not-for-Profit industry, need to change.  This may look like a change making a

Expensive Cars are much more expensive

1 February 2019
You can lose more than double that you think! Buy a brand new Mercedes Benz off-the-shelf for P 1 million, use it for 4 years and sell it for P 600,000. 

Trusts and Botswana Tax

23 January 2019
[Note: Download trusts.pdf for a printer friendly version] Tax is not the main consideration

What and Why is a Trust?

23 January 2019
[Note: Download trusts.pdf for a printer friendly version] What is a Trust?

General Advice to Sellers of Businesses

12 December 2018
When to sell your business?

Successful Entrepreneurs, What is the Value of your shares?

12 August 2017
You are a great entrepreneur

What is a Trust? Why should you form a Trust?

25 January 2017
Your printerfrinedly version for download here: trusts.pdf. Why should you form a BotswanaTrust?

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