Professional Information and Updates

Corporate Governance King 3

10 January 2023
King 3 Corporate Governance Code [Total of 9 areas and 75 principles (A few are duplicated for grouping reasons.)]

Accounting Estimate

24 September 2021
Accounting Estimates

Allowing Auditors Access to Information

22 September 2021
Allowing auditors access to information

Business Licences in Botswana (Effective June 2020)

24 May 2020
Manufacturing and Trading Licences (Effective Date 1st June 2020) MANUFACTURING LICENCES

Forming a Not-For-Profit Charitable Organization in Botswana

1 May 2020
Would you like to start a charity in Botswana? 

Open a Botswana Branch (External Company)

1 May 2020
What is a Botswana Branch (Or External Company)?

Beneficial Ownership

21 February 2019
You have to provide CIPA information on beneficial ownership immediately.

CIPA Online Registration System

21 February 2019
No dormant company forms!  No more register for dormant companies.  Companies and Intellectual Property Authority (CIPA) is going online from 3rd June 2019.  On and after 3rd June 2019, all companies should register online.  There is no exception.  Off-line registration is not possible.

Botswana Trust Property Control Act 2018

30 August 2018
Botswana Trust Property Control Act, 2018 The recently enacted Trust Property Control Act makes the Master of High Court the Authority for registration and even correction of trust deeds that are not in the interests of beneficiaries.

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