Seek Audit Engagement?

Audit is often taken as quite a standard product because auditors follow Auditing Standards and Ethical Standards.  These standards are a minimum and they allow an audit to exceed them but never do below the minimum.  So before you ask us to audit, you must sit with us and exchange your expectations on our audit so that we understand your requirement and make sure that it does not fall below those expected of financial audit.  For example, you may like us to cover your risk management practices or King 3/4 compliance more than what is required in terms of audit.  You may like scrutiny of a specific method or practice or system more than what is required in terms of audit.  Even if you want the minimum, we have to meet with you and explain to you of the minimum in your specific situation.  Please fill this form befoe the first level entry meeting. 

Please give your email ID for us to reply back
Name of your company
Brief mention of your activities - what product, manufacturing or trading or parastatal, location, etc.
Do you have a separate accounting or finance office, how many employees totally, how many in the accounting department, do you have accounting and finance manuals, do you hold monthly meetings, do you outsource accounting, etc.
Is it the first time audit? If not why would you like the change? Who is your previous auditor? Do you choose to audit or because audit is a legal necessity or because you want to buy or sell the business or to raise money? Please give reasons as much as possible.
Please email [email protected] your trial balance or management accounts or budgets so that we are able to estimate the scope and prepare for the entry level meeting to exchange expectations.