3 February 2021
Guru Gurumoorthi
Download Tax Highlights from 2021-2022 Budget: tax_highlights_of_2021-22_botswana_budget.pdf
24 January 2019
Trust is a great form of organisation, business organisation, rather.  Transfer of business wealth from a generation to another can be facilitated through Trusts.  Assets may be held in Trusts for care by professional trustees, particularly assets...
2 December 2018
[English translation is given at the end] O KA SIMOLOLA KGWEBO YA GAGO GOMPIENO
21 September 2018
Botswana is your best destination in Africa for investment, business and self-employment.  Low tax regime, absence of exchange controls, access to Southern African market, political stability and availabiity of skilled and trained English-speaking...
30 August 2018
Botswana Trust Property Control Act, 2018 The recently enacted Trust Property Control Act makes the Master of High Court the Authority for registration and even correction of trust deeds that are not in the interests of beneficiaries.
26 July 2018
For printer friendly RSM Botswana Company Profile please click the link ignite_growth.pdf.  Businesoft Systems our software division has its own profile - businesoft_systems.pdf.
13 November 2017
RSM Botswana has developed Mosiriletsi, a Risk Register Software in collaboration with SAiS, Botswana Oracle Partners.
13 September 2017
Buzwani Manyepedza
Enterprise-Wide Risk Management (ERM) Getting to a risk-embedded organisation
12 August 2017
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