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Published on February 16, 2023

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How are we different?

In RSM, people are trained to listen to you to give you the experience of the Power of Being Understood.  When you are understood better, you receive tailormade solutions and not services, that too on a continual basis and not just when you are in a problem, with a view to addressing your ever-present growth needs.

RSM Botswana is truly an Audit, Tax and Consulting firm.  Our value propostions are

  • Communicative Audit with value adding recommendations completed within the agreed time frame
  • Compliant Financial Statements that trigger much needed management and investment action
  • Botswana and international tax that is legally the minimum
  • Risk consulting and Internal Audit that will build your organisation
  • Strategy consulting that will transform your business
  • Governance consulting that will add value to your investment
  • Business valuations and ability to demonstrate value through mentoring and business coaching

What you don't see on our balance sheet!

We believe in empowerment.  Competent and motivated professional team, ongoing research on practice methdologies and service offerings and regular client experience management initiatives are the core characteristics of RSM Botswana.

Partners / Directors

RSM Botswana has 3 partners and 2 directors (for Consulting and Software).  Partners relate with deep respect to Botswana national laws, regulations, priorities, people, culture, traditions besides economic objectives of the Government of Botswana.  Therefore they ensure that RSM Botswana always plays an important part in complying with laws, in adhereing to economic national priorities which are principally (1) entrepreneurship (2) economic diversification and (3) enhacing employment opportuntiies.  Partners commit to citizen empowerment.  Both partners are qualified auditors and are registered with both Botswana Institute of Chartered Accountants and with Botswana Accountancy Oversight Authority.  They employ talented and experienced people, induct, orient and train them to deliver client expectations immaculately, by managing performance agreements with employees meticulously.  Partners ensure that RSM Botswana is a socially resonsible corporate citizen of Botswana.

Information Technology Division

[Please click businesoft_systems.pdf to download Businesoft company and product profile.  Visit Businesoft Systems website - Home - Businesoft

Businesoft Systems, a  well-known name in Botswana, is an independently managed Information Technology division of RSM Botswana.  Businesoft Systems is a Business Partner and Super Platinum Distributor of Sage International, South Africa (www.sagepastel.com) and Syspro.  Businesoft Systems implements, supports and trains on Sage Partner and Sage Evolution accounting and business management support software products and Sage Payroll and Sage HR management products.  Businesoft Systems has implemented unique microfinance solutions with Sage Evolution for large sized self-help cooperative societies in Savings and Credit industry.  Businesoft Systems is an accredited short-term training course provider by Botswana Qualifications Authority.  Businesoft Systems offers Sage software training, Internal Audit Training and Enterprise Wide Risk Management Training - all accredited by Botswana Qualifications Authority.  Businesoft Systems has a market of its own although there are a few common customers.  Businesoft Systems shares the same office.  A few marketing initiatives are common to RSM Botswana and Businesoft Systems, for cost reduction or business productivity reasons.


  • Established on 1st November 1984
  • Serving over 1,000 clients in various sectors.
  • 6th largest accounting and auditing firm in Botswana.
  • Botswana Member firm of RSM International - the 6th largest global network of accountants and business consultants with a turnover of USD 7.26 billion in 123 countries with over 860 offices employing 51,000 professionals.

Key Strengths

Partners are involved in client work, work methodology, staffing, marketing and every other aspect of firm management.   

Principal clients hail from the following industry groups:

Ministries and Parastatals, Private Universities, Colleges, Brigades and Schools, Commercial Banks, Insurance Brokers & Foreign Exchange Bureau, Mini-steel plant and foundry, Construction, Medical, Legal and Engineering Professionals,  Automobile Distributors and Dealers, Wholesale, Retail, Franchise & Specialty trading, Unions & Professional Associations, Public Benefit Organizations, Sports Clubs and non-governmental organizations

Information Technology and Infrastructure

Server is off-site about 20 kilometres away from the Office with data links to office and key staff members' homes thus connecting about 50 workstations.

Our Skill Set

Our employees grow and develop individually and as a team.

Here is a recent survey (January 2020) of our overall organizational skill levels based on qualifications attained.

Accounting & Audit Professionals10
IT Professionals5
Professionals in pursuit25
Post Graduate – Management3
Management Trainees5

We have a few people with experience of between 20 and 30 years; but most of our staff members possess experience ranging from 5 to 15 years. Average experience of our staff - about 60 head count - works out to around 7 years.

Social Responsibility

RSM Botswana is a good corporate citizen.  Entrepreneurship development is the principal theme of RSM Botswana.  RSM Botswana works with Botswana Investment and Trade Centre, National Strategy Office, Botswana Innovation Hub and many other key partners in education and finance sectors.