José Gregorio Argomedo
Advisory Technology Partner


With more than 25 years experience developing disruptive technology in Latin America, José Gregorio Argomedo Bartsch is Advisory Technology Partner and CTO at RSM Chile. With a background in engineering, artificial intelligence, and data engineering, Gregorio is a serial entrepreneur around mobile network operators and has developed AI projects for multibillion-dollar companies with operations in Latin America.

Gregorio has built a wide range of companies and technology, with key achievements including developing and implementing an anomaly detection AI model for one of the biggest tissue companies in Latin America. He has also built data pipelines in the cloud for major companies that process millions of records, built advanced NLP models to understand complex issues like customer support tickets and social media, and advised on the usage of LLM on productive services.

Additionally, Gregorio has collaborated with some of the biggest telco companies in Chile to develop enterprise solutions for corporations based on BlackBerry technologies. He has implemented the first multi-tenant hosted exchange solution and developed and implemented an SMS-based carrier billing solution for micropayments in Chile, Colombia, and Perú, with more than 200 million transactions per year and more than 2 million users.

As the founder and CEO of Connectalabs, an Artificial Intelligence consulting firm, Gregorio has developed strategic projects for the government and private sector companies. During his career, he has led projects that have been twice selected to participate in incubation/acceleration projects at Startup Chile and Wayra.

Outside of work, Gregorio enjoys running, playing golf, and snowboarding. With his vast knowledge and experience, Gregorio is a valuable asset to any organization seeking to innovate and disrupt the technology industry in Latin America.