Our technology consulting seeks to provide our customers with comprehensive services in the areas of information security, technology infrastructure, process automation and advanced data analytics.

Our Services:

Information Security

Every organization, regardless of its size, requires an in-depth analysis of IT security to ensure the integrity and privacy of its data and various resources. For our team, not only cybersecurity is important. We therefore offer a comprehensive service including Cybersecurity, Perimeter Security and Access Control, On-Premise and Cloud Security, Information Security and Systems Auditing.

Technological Infrastructure

Our firm has highly experienced collaborators in infrastructure and technological architecture, which allows us to provide services of on-premise to Cloud migration, cloud security, infrastructure management and monitoring and architecture design for cloud-based systems.

Robotic Process Automation

RPA or Robotic Process Automation is a technological approach oriented to the use of software to reduce human intervention in repetitive tasks. Our consultancy not only provides guidance on the tasks that can be automated, but also develops solutions tailored to each need.

Advanced Data Analysis

Data is the corner stone on which models are generated for decision making, and which must be present and easily accessible through out the company and be transversal to all lines of business and functional areas. This is why our advanced data analysis services allow our clients to organize, understand and give value to data so that decisions are based on real data analysis.

MAGNUS & Portal

In the search for cutting-edge solutions for our customers and improvement in our accounting and BPO services, we have incorporated MAGNUS ERP technology. Due to its structure, it facilitates the collection, processing, storage and availability in the cloud, allowing us to deliver accounting and tax information in a timely manner. At the same time, we have developed web technology so that our clients can access their information through an information portal from any device with internet connection.

Using technology for the management of your company.


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