DeepAnomaly is an innovative AI solution that allows companies, governments, finance, and auditors to simplify the use of analytics for different accounting processes, limiting your company’s reliance on specialized skills and employing professionals to detect anomalies and risk in every accounting transaction.

How it works

  • DeepAnomaly is designed to scan every line of your journal in order to identify unusual transactions that may be hidden in your data with accuracy and speed. It incorporates contextual data that identify the people who input the data, the time the transaction was performed, and other important factors.
  • DeepAnomaly’s visualization offers an insight into any accounting problem, ensuring both parties understand the problem so that it can be resolved as quickly as possible and efficiently.
  • DeepAnomaly is an innovative AI platform that detects anomalies in a company's ledger through the combination of advanced AI models and the expertise of the best auditors.

Unusual accounting activity

Your company may experience unusual accounting activities due to a combination of rare occurrences or normal situations as a result of its usage over an extended period.

  • DeepAnomaly looks at the broad range of activity within the context of what is normal for the company and the individuals posting the journals. This entity-specific analysis provides an in- depth analysis that can only be delivered with advanced technology.
  • DeepAnomaly looks beyond a single unusual event. It records relevant unusual data for each journal, which allows auditors to have a deeper understanding of the company’s data.
  • DeepAnomaly uses a combination of different features to help businesses and organizations identify entries that signify an error or manipulation that may be of utmost interest.

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