1. Preparation and/or review of VAT returns - Periodic. 

  2. Preparation and/or review of ICA returns - Periodic. 

  3. Preparation and/or review of monthly withholding tax returns. 

  4. Preparation and/or review of ICA withholding tax returns - bimonthly. 

  5. Elaboration and/or revision of the income tax return and complementary tax returns.

  6. Preparation and/or review of tax reconciliation form 2516. 

  7. Elaboration and/or revision of exogenous information for DIAN and Treasury Secretaries.

  8. Elaboration of EEFF report to be sent to the Superintendence of Corporations. 

  9. Elaboration and/or revision of the annual declaration of assets abroad. 

  10. Preparation of supporting documentation for the processing of VAT and income tax credit balances. 

  11. Processing before the Administration of the balance in favor, if applicable. 

  12. Preparation of supporting documentation to advance the process of refund of overpayment or payment of what is not due. 

  13. Preparation of official responses to the requirements issued by the control entities.