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Information Security

As businesses move their operations online in order to stay current, the number of companies suffering from a serious incident of cybercrime is increasing. This in turn is costing the economy billions of dollars every year. RSM’s dedicated information security specialists will help you protect your networks from potentially catastrophic risks.

Any weakness in a firm’s information security management systems can be exploited. From flaws in the design of the infrastructure and weak configuration settings to the failure to apply security patches or poor security management – risks exist in many areas. RSM Colombia has a dedicated team of information security specialists who can test the security of your company’s internal and external networks. Identifying any exploitable weaknesses and make practical recommendations for minimizing risk and liabilities. Assessing all significant risks and ensuring they are managed appropriately; our information management services are designed to better equip you to achieve your objectives.

Not only can unauthorized access to your systems and your data have serious operational, financial, and legal implications, it can also damage your business’s reputation. Cybercriminals are constantly developing new ways to exploit any weakness, which is why we offer a bespoke approach when creating information security solutions for your organization. Our dedicated team of information security specialists have the knowledge and experience in information technology reviews, information security, and internal audits to provide you with the insight you need to fully understand how your information security systems are being used and where the risks are.

As a powerful network of audit, tax, and consulting experts with offices all over the world, RSM is perfectly positioned to assist your organization, and RSM Colombia is an integral part of this global network of professionals. We share the skills, insights, and resources for all your information security needs. Our client-centric approach means we have a deep understanding of your business and can therefore create the most suitable information security management systems.

RSM’s information security services include:

  • Defining an information security management system
  • Information security assessment
  • Confidentiality and integrity risks assessment
  • Implementing security in integrated applications (ERP, CRM, BI, SCM, etc)
  • Defining segregation of duties at the information system level
  • Implementing GRC applications (governance, risk, and compliance)
  • Risk assessment and control relating to information security in integrated systems:
  • Business processes assessment
  • Segregation of duties assessment
  • Interfaces assessment
  • Security management assessment
  • Uploaded data quality assessment
  • System management assessment

When bespoke information security services from specialists with a truly international reach is what you’re looking for, then don’t hesitate - contact us today.

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