Trust RSM for complete corporate governance tailored to your company's specific needs, allowing you to focus on the execution of your business model.

In the fulfillment of routine and recurring corporate activities, RSM provides comprehensive support for the governance and regulatory compliance of your company in Colombia. From the preparation of notices for meetings to the verification of the decisions of the Assembly or Board, RSM will be your reliable partner for the preparation and review of essential documents of any company ensuring compliance and compliance with Colombian commercial legislation.Our services include the inspection of books, drafting of minutes, facilitation of capitalization processes, efficient processing of documents requiring registration with the Chamber of Commerce, comprehensive support in the management of corporate documents, from updating shareholder records to the custody of the minutes book and issued securities. In the area of data management, RSM will provide support in the formulation of privacy policies and registration with the RNBD.

  1. Preparation of notices and minimum documents to be presented at ordinary or extraordinary meetings of corporate bodies - Shareholders' Meeting / Board of Partners and/or Board of Directors.

  2. Accompanying the meetings of the corporate bodies - Shareholders' Meeting / Board of Partners and/or Board of Directors.

  3. Support in the book inspection processes carried out by the company's shareholders.

  4. Preparation of the minutes of the meetings of the corporate bodies - Assembly of Shareholders / Board of Partners and / or Board of Directors for approval of annual accounts, appointment of directors, statutory auditor, auditor and other positions that may be applicable among others.

  5. Accompanying in processes of capitalization of the company.

  6. Support in the process of Final Beneficiaries Report. 

  7. Verification of the decisions made by the corporate bodies - Shareholders Assembly / Board of Partners and / or Board of Directors, so that they comply with the legal provisions in Colombia.

  8. Execution of the registration of minutes before the Chamber of Commerce or other applicable entities, if applicable. 

  9. Preparation and/or updating of the register of shareholders/partners and securities.

  10. Custody, conservation and maintenance of the minutes books of the Shareholders' Meeting and/or the Board of Directors, and the shareholders' registry book, as well as their supports.

  11. Registration of control situation or corporate group.

  12. Preparation and management of the procedures for publications in newspapers of wide circulation.

  13. Service of physical and electronic address of the company, for purposes of notifications and receipt of correspondence of notifications and delivery to the authorized person. 

  14. Review of the personal data policy, privacy notice and data processing authorization, as well as support in the registration, updating and reporting of database news before the National Registry of Databases (RNBD), if applicable.

  15. Sending corporate alerts according to the needs and obligations of the company.