We understand the need for companies to follow legal requirements, not only on government entities but also about modernization and the current dynamics of labor relations at the local and international levels.

We have an interdisciplinary group that will support the structuring of the legal instruments that the labor context brings with it, such as:

We support organizations in the projection of internal work regulations following labor regulations and the development of the company's corporate purpose. This includes the regulation of working hours, the legal management of accidental or temporary workers, the scale of faults and sanctions, and the respective disciplinary procedure, among others.

The good management of labor contractual relations is based on the incorporation of legal instruments to the reality of business, so, we support companies in the design and implementation of the different modalities of labor contracts, per the required hiring policies and adjusted to the ordinary course of business of the clients.

We provide companies with advice on the implementation of telework, framed in the development of the various legal instruments that are part of the implementation of the figure in question.

The purpose of this service is to generate constructive scenarios in which the circumstances surrounding the medical cases within the companies are analyzed, to adjust both the reality of the collaborators and the conditions of each company, finding appropriate ways of resolution for both parties.

The hiring of foreign employees in the country must follow requirements and procedures before the state entities and within the hiring company, so, we advise companies in obtaining the legal documents for employees who plan to settle in Colombia and turn in the development of the legal instruments necessary for this purpose.

The goal of the negotiation in collective conflicts is to solve the discrepancies between employer and workers, establishing a collective agreement in which the labor conditions of a group of workers are regulated, therefore we accompany the companies in the negotiations and in the projection of the different legal instruments that lead to solving these conflicts.

We provide comprehensive advice to companies in situations of workers with disabilities or physical or mental limitations under the provisions of Law 361 of 1997.

We provide legal advice to companies to address issues related to the labor law.

We accompany the companies through a comprehensive consultancy related to hiring, risks, benefits, and other matters inherent to the Associated Worker Cooperatives and Temporary Service Companies about the current regulations and thus avoiding the materialization of any risk.

We will support the companies in the implementation and maintenance of the Occupational Health and Safety Management System, by the regulations in force related to the protection in health and safety issues of Colombian workers. 

The accompaniment contemplates the following points: 

  • Initial diagnosis. 
  • Planning of the advisory to comply with the desired standard. 
  • Advice on legal compliance related to OSH. 
  • Accompaniment in the negotiations with Occupational Risk Insurance Companies. 
  • Definition of prevention programs. 
  • Training of workers in the prevention of occupational accidents and diseases. 
  • Follow-up of established programs and indicators. 
  • Auditing of management systems.

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