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IFRS Advisory

Our advisory service for companies that implement full IFRS includes the diagnosis, training, planning and design, development, implementation and sustainability of the project. Our experience and methodology allows us to guarantee an integral evaluation of the impact on finance and accounting, technology, processes and taxes, among others; based on the industry in which the entity operates.

Our professionals have relevant experience in assessing IT impact in SAP, Oracle - JD Edwards and PeopleSoft environments; among other ERPs renowned worldwide.

We structure our projects based on PMI methodology through a project management office.

We make available to our clients several tools for enhancing projects’ success, such as IFRS LMART. IFRS LMART is an integral solution. It allows companies to manage the conversion to IFRS under a work plan organized in phases, as established by the IASB. It allows the creation of a Project Plan, identifying significant changes in accounting policies and managing parallel reports between existing GAAP and IFRS.

IFRS LMART allows documenting planning, analysis, management and issuing reports and results reports at the IFRS conversion project level. It allows a Project Manager to easily control the complexities relating to the scope and manage all activities associated with an IFRS implementation project, supported by industry-specific templates, integrated reports, and workflow tools for task delegation and monitoring key milestones within the conversion process.


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