The main goal of this service is to reduce, drop and ease the complex, operational and administrative burden in the settlement of all payments and compliances that companies must make to their employees while maintaining total confidentiality of the information. 

The service includes payroll processing, employee benefits administration, and human resources administrative support. 

Currently, many companies have decided to outsource the process of payroll settlement of their employees, as they have identified a significant risk related to the lack of knowledge and lack of updating on regulatory issues in the labor field that can generate onerous penalties by the control entities.

Electronic Payroll

This is a digital document that is equal to the traditional employee payroll and differs in that it is presented in an electronic file that is sent to both the DIAN and the employee. 

For DIAN purposes, the electronic payroll is a voucher that gives companies the possibility to make payments to their employees and present them as a support of costs and deductions through an XML file. 

It must be generated monthly for tax purposes without considering the agreed salary payment period; it contains detailed information related to the accruals and discounts made to each of the workers or pensioners of the immediately preceding month.

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