We understand the needs of our clients in order to advise them in a reliable manner in compliance with Colombian regulations and support the structuring and/or design of different transactions related to the capital market.

We have extensive experience in the management of issues related to financial law and securities market, particularly in the structuring of new products or the implementation of existing products in the market.

As well as, the creation of new entities.  In addition, we support procedures before regulatory or supervisory entities and in general we provide legal support to verify the application of the regulation of the sector. 

  1. Issuance of legal concepts and opinions on financial law matters. 

  2. Comprehensive advice to financial entities and representative offices.

  3. Restructuring and renegotiation of debts.

  4. Evaluation or structuring of syndicated loans, derivative contracts and structured notes, guarantee mechanisms and registration thereof, means of payment (commercial and standby letters of credit), and electronic banking (networks, fraud prevention and contracts). 

  5. Preparation of leasing, insurance, reinsurance and mortgage contracts, among others.

  6. Incorporation and liquidation of financial entities.

  7. Incorporation and closing of representative offices. 

  8. Accompaniment in proceedings before the Superintendence of Finance.

  9. Defense in administrative sanctioning processes carried out by the Superintendence of Finance

  10. Evaluation and attention to requirements of the Superintendence of Finance.

  11. Management of actions for the protection of financial consumers or defense in such processes. 

  12. Advice for the issuance of shares, bonds, registration of securities, public offerings and securitizations. 

  13. Advice for the constitution of collective investment funds or private equity funds and for the modification of their regulations.