About us

About us

RSM is the sixth largest network of audit, tax and consultancy firms, covering 123 countries, over 860 offices and more than 51,000 people worldwide. Total revenues of the network are about US$ 7.26 billion. The structure of the global network is similar to that of other international networks, although prior to 2015 member firms used different names and brands.

In 2015 it was decided, after carrying out a broad global investigation, that our network would provide better services to our current and prospective clients if we united under a sole global brand - RSM. Adopting a unified brand reinforced our global network position as the preferred advisor for middle market companies worldwide. On October 26, 2015 all members of the RSM international network became united under the RSM brand. Thus the name of our company changed from Leaders Business Advisors to RSM, and we adopted a new logo as well as visual identity.

All RSM firms throughout the world also adopted a new positioning of the brand around “The Power of Being Understood", which encapsulates our values: deep relationships based on understanding; a strong focus on collaboration; and providing our clients with ideas and insights for helping them progress with confidence. This move strengthened our presence in the market, which in turn created opportunities for you, for our clients and for our people.

We are sure that the engagement with RSM has strengthened our service capacity through already experienced resources, methodologies and tools, which are available for serving each of our clients.

What we do

  • We generate strategic management, financial and technological models for our clients.
  • We connect the strategy with processes, people and information technologies.
  • We design and provide unique solutions for each of our clients.
  • We work jointly with our clients for the construction of a long-term business model.

Who for

  • For large enterprises and corporations, whose good performance depends on the alignment of the management model with the organizational mission.
  • For small and medium enterprises experiencing growth who require strategic support for creating business models which fit with their goals.
  • For institutions and entities needing to manage and improve the service they offer to their communities.
  • For all those who need to manage in an integrated manner their strategy, processes, human resources and information technologies.


  • An adequate organization
  • An adequate Know-how
  • Constant Innovation
  • A management model aligned with the client
  • A management and training technologies platform
  • Services and solutions in consultancy, technology and training

And the mission of our firm that our clients may generate management models that allow them to focus their attention on the development of their business.

Why choose RSM?

  • For our experience in implementing management models involving strategy, people, processes and information technologies.
  • For the effectiveness of our solutions, verifiable due to their trustworthiness and quality certified by our clients.
  • For the integration of our solutions within the organization.
  • For our business architecture approach which integrates strategy, processes and technologies.
  • For our Know–how
  • Because we offer the best cost - benefit ratio.

How can we help you?

Bogotá D.C.
Sede Principal
Avenida Calle 26 N° 69C – 03 
Torre A Piso 8 – Edificio Capital Center II
Aseguramiento Financiero y Consultoría:
IVR: +57 60 (1) 580 0678
TEL: +57 60 (1) 794 1791

North Office
Tax & Legal:
Carrera 16 No. 93a - 36
Oficina 204
Centro de Negocios 93 Edificio
Torre Peatonal 2
TEL: + 57 60 (1) 703 4060
IVR: + 57 60 (1) 580 0678

Calle 77B No. 57-103 Local 1 
Oficina 2203
Centro Empresarial Green Towers
TEL: + 57 60 (5) 385 2867

Carrera 27 No. 36 - 14
Oficina 325
Edificio Suramericana
IVR: + 57 60 (1) 580 0678
CEL: +57 310 609 8108

Avenida 4 norte #7n-46
Piso 3 - local 335
Centro Comercial Centenario
TEL: +57 60 (2) 4890615
PBX: + 57 60 (1) 580 0678
CEL: +57 313 624 0093

Avenida el Poblado No 5A – 113
Oficina 805
One Plaza Business Center  
CEL: +57 315 244 1407
CEL: +57 304 379 7574