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Over the last few years, business and economic conditions have changed drastically and rapidly, presenting challenges and opportunities for many companies. In these conditions, sustaining growth potentials has required continuous operational effectiveness, efficiency and innovation.

Having developed a deep understanding of the key issues and dynamics that govern multiple industries, we are able to provide strategic advice to our clients, which in turn helps them to acquire substantive business results of both a financial and operational nature. Due to the size of our firm, we can offer the varied, personal and customised business consulting services that a growing company needs, meeting our clients’ requirements.

Whether you are looking for business strategy services, business plan solutions, or any other provision that falls within the remit of business services, our expert team can help you to find a solution that suits you. As part of RSM International’s global network, which spans in excess of 800 offices across more than 120 countries around the world, we can support you with valuable expertise from a local perspective combined with the international knowledge of our global professionals.

Our business consulting team provides a full range of hands-on support across all functions of a business, including:

  • Business strategy
  • Business plan advisory and feasibility studies
  • Review and design of corporate systems, procedures and policies
  • Organisation and change management
  • Performance improvement
  • Cost optimisation
  • Operational efficiency optimisation
  • Cost modelling and pricing for regulated businesses
  • Family-owned business support

We stay informed of international trends and developments and how they can affect your business. When you face complex issues, you want advice from specialists. By partnering with RSM Greece, you will be working with experts when it comes to delivering business consulting services.

Would you like to know more about our range of business consulting services and how they can benefit your business? All you need to do is get in touch with us today and our team will be only too happy to discuss our business plan solutions with you. We take pride in our deep understanding of our clients’ businesses. We are committed to delivering an unrivalled service that goes beyond the expectations of our clients, so you can guarantee that by coming to us you will receive the very best in business review services.

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19 July 2017
Οι επιχειρήσεις πολύ συχνά υποτιμούν ποιοτικά και ποσοτικά τα δεδομένα των πελατών που έχουν στην διάθεσή τους. Εάν μία επιχείρηση δεν είναι σε θέση να αξιολογήσει και να αποθηκεύσει σωστά τα δεδομένα της, ο κίνδυνος μη-συμμόρφωσης με τους νόμους είναι υπαρκτός, όπως επίσης υπάρχει και ο κίνδυνος για πιθανές κυρώσεις που μπορούν να της επιβληθούν.

New Circular of the Ministry of Finance on the obligation to publish the annual financial statements

17 July 2017
Α Circular of the Ministry of Economy and Development Published was published on 6/6/2017, relating to the publication of the annual financial statements that expire on 07/07/16 and thereafter, of the relevant Reports and the Corporate Governance Statement, according to Law 4403/16 combined with the definitions for the G.A.S. under Law 4308/2014.  

RSM Brief July 2017

11 July 2017
RSM Brief July 2017.pdf


10 October 2015


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