The complexity of Greek Labour law legislation and the continuous amendments in the field of Labour relations make it difficult for any corporation to comply with the legislation requirements and avoid possible risks in the field of Labour relations.  

In this context, the RSM team assists its clients with specialized services in regards to Labour relations issues and compliance with Labour Authorities provision and guidelines.

The provided services include the following:  

Labour Relations Check – up

This is a risk assessment study concerning the employment conditions and compliance of the client under examination with the Labour framework and Labour Authorities guidelines. The objective of the assessment is to provide the client with an identification of possible risks related with Labour provisions and compliance with Labour regulations, encourage best practices and propose solutions in order to tackle the identified risks.

Tailor - made Labour and Social Security courses

We offer our clients training in Labor Law and Labour issues. The training is tailor –made and personalized according to the special needs and of the audience. We agree the agenda together with each client and each team involved and we then prepare the relevant material. This session is held under full confidentiality and includes Q&As that allow the client to leave the session having fully understood the areas that were covered whilst simultaneously having gained the answers to any questions that were in place prior to the training.

Representation before Labour Authorities

We represent our clients before Labour and Social Security Authorities:

  • Providing advice and support during audits by Labour and Social Security Authorities.
  • Submitting queries with the Authorities helping our clients to resolve disputed issues concerning the implementation of the Labour and Social security legislation.