When you are searching for audit specialists, you want people that can deliver an unrivalled service. Our dedicated auditors draw on their in-depth knowledge of the client’s business to make constructive contributions for improvement. With over 30 years of experience in the market, our clients can rely on us for proactive audit and assurance advice.

Audit services

Our clients can rest assured that we are accessible, supportive and available to answer any questions when it comes to auditing requirements. When you use our expertise as an integral source of financial information, you will be able to make important business decisions with ease. Our highly skilled auditors will monitor your company’s financial wellbeing while also helping to make a noticeable difference to your operations.

Our internationally accredited audit service – developed by RSM International – employs world-class proprietary technology and can deliver a paperless audit solution. Our risk-based audit methodology complies with international standards on auditing and is regularly updated in line with technical advances and guidance on best practices.

At RSM, we offer a tailored audit approach. We place an emphasis on early planning, getting to know and understand how our client’s business operates. This helps to minimise interference with the daily operations and maximise the benefits for the client. This also allows us to identify key audit risks, and from there we can tailor our audit response to the unique aspects, size and nature of our client’s organisation.

Our audit services include traditional statutory and other regulatory financial audits. We also conduct reviews of financial information, whether historical or prospective and provide audit opinions on financial statements, public documents or any aspect of a client’s general business affairs and expansion activities.

Our audit & assurance services include:

  • Statutory audit
  • Review of interim financial statements
  • Consolidated financial statements audit
  • Financial reporting
  • Accounting compliance & reporting
  • Financial due diligence
  • Royalty audits
  • Regulatory compliance audit

We conduct our audit in order to obtain a true and fair view of your company, mainly using the following three approaches:

  • Audit risk assessment of the company
  • Evaluation of internal control systems and procedures
  • Evaluation of the company’s profitability

Our strong team of audit specialists will be delighted to work together with you to meet your expectations and needs. If you wish to know more about our auditing and assurance services, please get in touch with us today. We have two sites in Greece – part of RSM’s International’s global network of more than 800 offices – so you can be sure that by choosing us, you are dealing with leading reputable firm.


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