A significant part of RSM Greece’s success, is directly related to the high level of the quality of its services along with the talent of its key people.  RSM Greece consists of well trained executives, with a high level of  specialisation in their sectors and extensive experience in the field of  economic and business activity. Our anthropocentric culture allows us to have close-knit teams with excellent communication amongst all team  members that allows us both to service our clients more efficiently and to  share knowledge more readily. Our people have the experience and the  “know-how” in order to be able to provide the full spectrum of professional services applicable to the most competitive sectors of the Greek economy.

Our people are actively involved in RSM Committees and Regional Groups:

RSM Greece participates in the RSM Balkans Group
Our leadership team participates in the RSM IFRS Champions Group and the Heads of Audit RSM Committee’s project Group
Our Tax leadership team participates in the International Tax Executive Committee

Centres of Excellence:

  • International Financial Reporting Standards
  • Risk Advisory Services
  • Transaction Support
  • CleanTech & Renewable Energy
  • Corporate Finance
  • Tax