David O'Donnell

Audit Manager

I joined RSM Ireland's audit team in May 2022, as a qualified audit senior. From day one, the team extended a warm and inclusive welcome, making my transition into this new position seamless and enjoyable. At RSM Ireland, I have been fortunate enough to have a multitude of opportunities, collaborating with clients of all sizes from diverse industries.

The first eight months was a challenging and interesting time, but one that proved to be exceptionally rewarding as I was promoted to the role of audit manager. This promotion is a testament to RSM Ireland's unwavering commitment to the development and advancement of its talent. It exemplifies the firm's investment in nurturing and empowering its team members, ensuring their professional growth and success.

Overall, the best things about the firm are its people and the culture in the office!

Doyet Anonuevo 

Audit Manager

Deciding to move abroad and leave my comfort zone hasn’t been an easy feat, but it is possible. Since joining RSM Ireland I have felt beyond blessed and grateful because of the people. Working with a talented team goes beyond client servicing, and I have felt the sincerity of the guidance, support, and trust which has made the transition to an unfamiliar environment much easier.

Having access to a global talent pool, RSM Ireland creates a work culture in which everyone feels equally listened to and involved. 

Being exposed to RSM Ireland’s clients in various sectors and industries with different complexities also helped me develop new skills, apply new experiences, and grow my network which is vital for my career progression.

Precious Gonzales

Audit Senior Associate

RSM Ireland continuously supports me in my professional development by cultivating a sense of camaraderie and broadening my perspective through exposure to various industries.

Working in audit can be challenging, however, RSM Ireland’s dedication in building strong relationships based on deep understanding and making a positive impact on clients by providing value adding services has been my motivation in constantly committing to my profession and passion.

Vadim Gruzdev

Audit Associate

Embarking on an Audit Associate experience within RSM Ireland is akin to embarking on an exhilarating adventure. As a passionate individual, you will dive in headfirst, immerging yourself in the dynamic world of finance scrutiny. Each day brings new challenges and opportunities to engage with a diverse range of clients, fostering growth and understanding.  

RSM Ireland’s multicultural environment ensures that you will collaborate with talented professionals from various backgrounds, broadening your horizons and expanding your global perspective.

This role serves the best first step into captivating realms of finance and audit, equipping you with invaluable skills, knowledge, and a solid foundation for future success.

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