The Irish economy has suffered unprecedented disruption and many businesses have seen profound changes to their trading models and their underlying operational structures may not be fit for the future. 

Our teams have considerable experience in implementing restructuring solutions which can ensure businesses are best placed to manage their business through post-pandemic and uncertain economic climate.




After a difficult 18 months, the Irish economy still faces challenges. Following the withdrawal of government support measures, companies must now deal with inflationary cost pressures, supply chain issues, labour shortages and an uncertain economic outlook.

Many previously robust businesses are struggling to identify solutions to these issues, which is undermining their viability. In many cases, key stakeholders in businesses, notably management and equity investors, are finding themselves excluded from the capital structure. This often weakens performance and is a disincentive to future investment.

To ensure businesses are best positioned for a tough trading environment, all stakeholders’ interests must be realigned for the ‘new normal’.

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Is your business fundamentally viable, but held back by an inflexible cost base or loss-making contracts?

After identifying the key internal and external factors adversely affecting performance, changes can be made to reset your business, ensuring it is best placed to compete in the current trading environment and to exploit future opportunities.

To reset your whole business or a particular division it is important to understand the options available, the associated benefits and the step-plan required to deliver changes.


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Despite the uncertain economic climate, businesses must continue to develop and rebuild from recent lows. This is necessary to incentivise and reassure staff and stakeholders but should also ensure that businesses are well placed to take advantage of improving and evolving economic trends.


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