In today’s environment, commercial success requires intuition, influence, and a measured command of the important issues. Going beyond the balance sheets, consulting is about helping businesses like yours improve their overall performance.

Our consultancy team delivers unparalleled, specialised consulting services. We’re here to advise you on all aspects of your business, including your employees, IT, and operations.

In a consulting advisory capacity, we work alongside you and your business, both strategically and operationally. We’re here to support and integrate the key pillars of success, your people, your IT and operational systems, your finances, as well as the growth and sales of your product or service.

Alongside our practical consulting advice and support, you’ll receive strategic transformational action plans. These bespoke plans provide you with business solutions and they will yield results.  

Not only are we part of the RSM global network, we’re an independent Irish-owned firm too, which has garnered the reputation for delivering solutions to a wide range of organisations and helped them realise their business goals – whatever they might be.

Alongside our holistic business consulting services, we can hone in on key areas and provide additional expert support.


  • Financial advisory services
  • Outsourced business services
  • Forensic and investigation services
  • Litigation support
  • Corporate finance services
  • Restruturing advisory services
  • Risk advisory services
  • Transformation, HR, and change
  • Technology consulting

Contact our consulting team today to discover how, working together, we can help your business become more profitable, work more efficiently, and become a more inviting prospect to investors.

Outsourced Business Services

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Pictured L to R: Managing Partner, John Glennon; Tim O Connor, Senior Advisor and Catherine Corcoran, Head of Consulting

Tim O'Connor joins RSM Ireland's Consulting Team

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