Real estate and construction

From financial issues and tax planning to compliance and risk management, our experienced real estate and construction team will give you the right advice.

Our specialist real estate and construction team works with a wide range of businesses across the sector, including investors, developers, real estate funds, construction firms, estate agents, surveyors and architects. We use our experience and industry insight to overcome the issues and challenges that you face and help you to capitalise on opportunities.

Understanding the issues that affect your business

The sector has experienced mixed fortunes in recent years. The issues of supply and demand, investment and confidence remain particularly fluid. Supply of quality stock and construction costs continue to be determining factors for investment return. The lack of working capital finance continues to be a challenge for Construction Companies. The banks are slowly coming back into the market, together with a number of new sources of capital being established. The key challenge now is the sourcing of suitable finance and development opportunities.

Practical and relevant solutions to help your business succeed

We work closely with you to tailor our advice to your specific concerns, and can help you across a range of areas, including:

  • acquisition planning and structuring;
  • debt restructuring and related specialist tax advice;
  • compliance services including external and internal audit;
  • tax planning and compliance - corporation tax, operational taxes and stamp duty;
  • specialist capital allowance review services to maximize tax relief for development expenditure.
  • devising optimum structures for holding properties both for investment and development
  • corporate finance including mergers, acquisitions, disposals, debt refinance and introductions to suitable business partners; and
  • advice on cash management, planning and mitigating tax risks.

Less to worry about

Our services can give you peace of mind by:

  • providing assurance to you and your key stakeholders;
  • enabling you to keep pace with tax changes;
  • keeping you updated on the latest developments in the sector;
  • mitigating where possible the unwelcome tax consequences of restructuring arrangements; and
  • providing comfort that you are compliant with your debt covenants.


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Quick Overview of Irish Real Estate

Tax treatment of income and gains of Irish real estate

Acquiring Irish Real Estate

This section discusses the most important tax implications of the direct purchase of real estate. First, it discusses the impact for resident individuals and non-resident individuals. Thereafter, it discusses the impact for resident companies and non-resident companies.


Losses in any year are set off against chargeable gains arising in the same year. Unused losses may be carried forward indefinitely. Capital losses cannot generally be carried back. Gains on development land may only be offset by losses on development land.

Homeowners and Renters in the Republic more concerned about the future than those in Northern Ireland - survey by RSM Ireland

61% of homeowners surveyed in the Republic of Ireland expressed concern about the risk of a housing downturn in the future, compared with 37% in Northern Ireland. Consolidation of contractors advised to address cyclical industry woes.

New survey by RSM & CIF shows construction companies reporting difficulty accessing funding

 63% of construction companies who sought to borrow from financial institutions in the last year reported difficulty in securing finance.  Only 33% of those involved in house building have obtained bank finance.  Problem most evident in companies with a turnover under €9 million. 

RSM report on access to finance in the construction industry

A survey by RSM and the Construction Industry Federation has found that construction companies are still facing significant difficulties in accessing funding to invest in their businesses and to deliver viable housing and infrastructure projects.
The construction industry...where next for your business?

The construction industry...where next for your business?

The 2008 economic downturn had a profound impact on this country, a once dominant construction sector which rose to unprecedented levels of activities was left devastated. It is indeed welcome to see in 2017 a renewed optimism within the construction industry.

Beyond 2016 | Outlook for the UK Real Estate Sector

It’s been a year of mixed hopes for the UK property industry. The EU referendum, significant tax changes and fluctuating overseas investment has impacted the UK sector. But with the UK now faring far better than expected, what will the year ahead hold for the real estate sector?