Financial services organisations face ongoing market challenges and manage an array of business issues, including regulatory compliance, mitigating risks, balance sheet management, identifying innovative solutions to retain and win new clients and maintaining security and privacy. At times, performing all such tasks internally isn't feasible.

In addition, it is becoming increasingly vital to demonstrate integrity and transparency in this competitive environment. Reputation risk is high - executives in financial services organisations are increasingly in the spotlight and being held personally accountable for compliance and best practice.

By taking the time to understand your business and business needs, our team can help you meet and overcome these complex challenges. Our multi-disciplinary Financial Services team, including audit, tax and consulting professionals, have in-depth experience advising many sectors and are committed to adding value to all types of financial service organisations.

As part of the RSM International network, the leading provider of professional services to the middle market, we offer the insightful advice and guidance you need to continue delivering outstanding financial services to your clients. RSM have offices in all the key global financial services markets and offer an integrated solution to our clients around the world. Our dedicated team has strong relationships with RSM’s overseas financial services practices, particularly in the US, the UK, France, Singapore, Hong Kong, Cayman Island and Luxembourg.

Our Financial Services team provide full audit, tax and consulting services across the following industry sectors:

Our Financial Services team provides the full range of audit, assurance, tax and advisory services to clients in the asset management sector.  

We service clients operating across the sector, including: 

  • ICAVs (Irish Collective Asset-management Vehicles)
  • Open ended investment companies 
  • Investment trust companies
  • Hedge funds 
  • Offshore funds 
  • Unregulated funds
  • Traditional and alternative fund managers 

Ireland’s asset management services sector has grown spectacularly since its establishment, and it continues to attract significant levels of foreign investment. Overall, the funds industry has more than €3.5 trillion in total assets under administration in Irish domiciled funds. Ireland’s position in the investment funds industry is attributable to a wide range of factors, including EU membership, the regulatory environment, tax benefits, including a favourable tax treaty network, and the experienced professional workforce.

We work closely with our global colleagues to ensure an integrated asset management solution is provided to our clients that have parallel funds in different jurisdictions.

Our global specialist valuation teams support the audit teams, using bespoke tools for providing competitive valuation services. 

Ireland is the leading European jurisdiction for the establishment of special purpose vehicles (“SPVs”) for structured finance transactions.

The key drivers of Ireland's leading position are its favourable tax regime, access to double taxation agreements, the developed corporate legal system and the experienced professional market, with over 2,500 employed in this sector. Securitisation is viewed as an important financing channel and an alternative to more traditional means of raising finance.

Section 110, a provision of the Taxes Consolidation Act 1997, is the framework for securitisation in Ireland. Section 110 companies can invest in a broad range of financial assets including shares, bonds, debt, derivatives, leases and loan receivables, commodities, contracts for insurance and machinery equipment, such as aircrafts.

Our clients comprise of the originators and related issuers of an extensive range of structured finance transactions.

RSM act as auditors and tax advisers to a large portfolio of securitisation and structured finance companies including those involved in aircraft leasing, CLO's, loan origination, bond/debt issuance and life settlement assets. We also provide members voluntary liquidation assistance when these vehicles have reached the end of their life cycle.

Our global specialist valuation teams support the audit teams, using bespoke tools for providing competitive valuation services. 

Financial institution executives face a challenging climate. You seek stability while key issues such as increasing compliance demands, investment in digital transformation and sustaining growth can generate unpredictability. It all adds up to difficult decisions requiring you to take a step back from the day-to-day responsibilities of running your business to focus on finding the best financial course forward.

No institution can put these issues off indefinitely. Our team understands the needs of your business and we can assist with our in-depth industry knowledge to help you focus on the task at hand. We take a proactive, consultative approach to recommending opportunities for growth and profitability. Our goal is to be a trusted advisor for our clients in an environment of complex financial change.

With in-depth knowledge of investment vehicles, strategies and operating methods, our Financial Services team advise clients on the latest regulatory changes and the rules that affect them. We provide guidance to a range of capital markets sectors, including broker-dealers and investment advisory firms involved in raising capital by dealing in shares, bonds and other long term investments. Our specialists have significant industry experience, enabling us to address the daily business situations you may encounter.

Our capital markets clients face increased scrutiny and ever-changing rules and regulations. To help you address these complex issues and compliance needs, we bring together our dedicated industry professionals and extensive experience to provide advice and guidance to our clients.

We provide audit, tax and consulting services to help you uncover and mitigate risks and fortify business goals.

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