New Brexit social welfare agreement - all you need to know

New Brexit social welfare agreement

Will I be affected by the new Brexit social welfare agreement?

With the prospect of Brexit, comes a lot of uncertainty, one of which is how social welfare payments would apply post Brexit for cross border works and secondees between both jurisdictions.   With this in mind, an agreement on social security was signed by Ireland and the United Kingdom on 1 February 2019. Under the terms of the agreement, all existing arrangements with regard to recognition of, and access to, social insurance entitlements will be maintained in both jurisdictions.


What does this mean?

This means that no matter what happens when the UK leave the EU;


  • There will be no change to the reciprocal post Brexit social welfare arrangements between Ireland and the UK. Your rights and entitlements as either an EU or British citizen to social welfare payments will remain as they were before Brexit.
  • This means that the rights of Irish citizens living in Ireland to benefit from social insurance contributions made when working in the UK will be protected and vice versa.


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