Foreign Currency Webinar

RSM have partnered with TransferMate to offer our clients free international money transfers for 12 months. TransferMate offer an award winning international payment service to over 15,000 business today.

TransferMate provide an award winning solution together with RSM to enable businesses to save time and money every time they send or receive foreign currency payments. Our online platform enables clients to login and book payments at far better exchange rates than banks and that payments are also sent faster.

"Our team are doing daily webinars for business interested in saving money on their international payments and would be happy to schedule a webinar any time" -  Tracy Moylan, Relationship Manager – TransferMate Global Payments

Foreign exchange payments webinars daily: 10am and 2pm

- Find out if your bank is giving you a good deal on your payments.
- Find out how to best hedge against currency fluctuation.

- Find out how to pay your foreign currency payment direct from your accounting software.
- Find out how your business can send and receive foreign currency payments faster than using the bank.

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