NCSE Report: Review of Education in Adult Day Services

RSM Ireland and RSM UK working together with academics from Trinity College Dublin have undertaken a comprehensive review of education and learning provision in adult day services for people with disabilities for a report commissioned by the National Council of Special Education.


  • Day care in Ireland is provided by up to 90 organisations in up to 1,000 locations.
  • We have discovered that up to 20,000 people using day care services have disabilities (89% have an intellectual disability whilst 11% have a physical or sensory disability) and around 1,200 school leavers start attending day services every year.
  • The most common support provided is programmes on personal care that help develop life skills, such as grooming, hygiene, shopping, or cleaning.
  • Some programmes offer a personalised level of support that facilitate individual action plans or help achieve independence and some support inclusion and integration into the community.

This research is novel as it has produced a framework for reviewing education and lifelong learning in day services. The Good Practice Framework provides a robust structure for assessing practice and will be of considerable interest to anyone working to provide and progress education and lifelong learning in day services for adults with a range of disabilities.


View or download the full report here


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