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Revenue issued an eBrief yesterday to inform us that the Tax and Duty Manual for Payments on termination of an office or employment or removal from employment has been updated to clarify the employment income included when calculating the increased termination payment exemption known as the Standard Capital Superannuation Benefit (SCSB).

Finance Act 2014 amended the definition of the SCSB to include ‘taxable emoluments’ as opposed to previously including the term ‘emoluments’.  This amendment has no impact on the computation method of the SCSB.

‘Taxable emoluments’ refers to any income which is assessable under Schedule E, including any income which is relieved from the charge to tax, such as:

  • The travel pass scheme,
  • An approved profit sharing scheme,
  • The cycle to work scheme
  • Contributions to pension schemes.


If you have any questions on how to calculate the SCSB or would like further information on tax efficient termination payments please do not hesitate to contact a member of our Dublin Tax team at [email protected] or on 01 496 5388

Revenue eBrief

Revenue Tax and Duty Manual


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