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As you may be aware, Irish VAT registration applications are subject to robust vetting procedures by the Irish tax authorities, which can result in long waiting times for tax registration, especially for non-resident entities. To address this, the Irish tax authorities recently announced a package of measures aimed at improving the tax registration process in Ireland. These measures will include:


  1. Migration of the paper based registrations to the e-registration platform.
  2. Moving the low risk tax registrations of non-resident taxpayers on-line e.g. employer registrations, which will increase the resources available to handle Irish VAT registrations.
  3. Development of  a standard list of  specific supporting information that is provided at the time of a VAT registration application, which can be uploaded through Revenue On-Line (“ROS”).
  4. Include more mandatory fields in the initial application to minimise additional queries.


The ability to provide additional information to the Irish tax authorities upfront should reduce the instances of further requests for information. It is expected that the above package of developments will be released on ROS in the first half of 2017.


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