21 November 2016

Beyond 2016 | Outlook for the UK Real Estate Sector

It’s been a year of mixed hopes for the UK property industry. The EU referendum, significant tax changes and fluctuating overseas investment has impacted the UK sector. But with the UK now faring far better than expected, what will the year ahead...
Property related tax issues
10 November 2016

Property related tax issues

In this article Damien O’Sullivan deals with some common tax queries that arise in relation to property transactions.
4 November 2016

Re-launch by EU of Common Consolidated Corporate Tax Base (CCCTB)

In October 2016, the Commission proposed to re-launch the Common Consolidated Corporate Tax Base. The re-launched CCCTB will be implemented through a two-step process and will be mandatory for the largest groups in the EU.


Mergers and acquisitions, M&As, selling you company, succession planning
20 October 2016

Forward Planning to Maximise Business Value

A unique opportunity is developing for business owners. Many larger companies and private equity groups have a significant amount of cash available to make purchases. Many baby boomers are or will be looking to exit their businesses and maximize...
12 October 2016

Taxation on the sale/acquisition of a brokerage

The taxes arising on the sale/acquisition of a financial brokerage depend on whether the business was operated as a sole trader/partnership or as a limited company. In the case of a limited company, the tax will also depend on whether the shares in...
11 October 2016

Key Highlights from Budget 2017

Budget 2017 places a much greater focus on public expenditure than on personal tax reform, a ratio of 3:1 of expenditure to tax reform. 
solar farming, tax planning, leasing farmland to solar energy development
23 September 2016

Shedding light on tax when solar farming

John, a farmer who is nearing retirement has been approached by a solar energy company with the view of leasing his farmland for the purpose of solar energy development. What are the tax considerations?
23 September 2016

Dwelling house relief explained

John who is 80 and suffering from poor health wants his son Michael and Michael’s wife Mary, to move into his house to help care for him and John wishes to gift the house to them. Michael wants to know what the tax consequences will be for each of...
John Glennon, interview, The Irish Times
6 September 2016

Me & my money - John Glennon

Are you a saver or a spender? I think a spender. I do try to put some money aside for a rainy day but with two daughters, I find I am quickly relieved of any surplus cash.
Foreign Currency Webinar
24 June 2016

Foreign Currency Webinar

RSM have partnered with TransferMate to offer our clients free international money transfers for 12 months. TransferMate offer an award winning international payment service to over 15,000 business today.