Paddy Stapleton


Paddy is a Tax Partner with the firm, specialising in tax planning and structuring for foreign direct investment.

Paddy specialises in advising corporate clients on international and domestic tax issues, including the following; establishment and restructuring of international operations; IP planning and incentives; due diligence assignments for mergers and acquisitions; implementation and improvement of tax policies; Revenue audits.

Paddy is a Chartered Tax Adviser and a Fellow of Chartered Accountants Ireland.


PAYE Modernisation

10 January 2019
    PAYE Modernisation and Real Time Reporting (RTR) has been effective since 01 January 2019 and applies to all registered employers with employees. From 01 January 2019 employers are required to report all employee remuneration, together with the corresponding PAYE, USC and PRSI, to Revenue on or before the date their emplo...

Managing and Optimising Indirect Tax as the UK leaves the EU

20 October 2020
The current Brexit transitional period arrangements will end on 31 December 2020, such that Irish businesses must prepare to trade with the UK as a third country (the UK will no longer operate as part of the EU’s Single market and Customs Union from 1 January 2021). View our downloadable PDF For the foreseeable future, the exit of the UK fr...

Irish Budget 2021 – Brexit focus

21 October 2020
Ahead of the end of the Transition period on 31 December 2020 when the United Kingdom will leave the EU’s Single Market and Customs Union, our update highlights key measures announced in the Irish Budget on 13 October relevant to Brexit. View our downloadable PDF   Background and economic outlook The Irish fiscal Budget 2021 was ...

A 2022 guide to R&D projects and innovation tax credits

12 July 2022
In our last update, we shared our insights into the increasing importance of understanding how and why Research and Development (R&D) incentives and concessions are part of an effective tax and economic policy, and what this means for multinational enterprises (MNE’s). In our latest article, we explore this important topic further. MN...

Budget 2023 update

Budget 2023: What's new and what does it mean for your business?   Download our Budget 2023 Highlights here The highlights On September 27th the Irish Government announced Budget 2023. This Budget was framed upon the requirements for the Government to provide a “cost of living budget” to support those worst hit by risi...

Budget 2022 update

Budget 2022: What's new and what does it mean for your business?   Download our Budget 2022 Highlights here The highlights On October 12th the Government announced Budget 2022.  This Budget was framed upon the requirements for the Government to provide more housing, improve the healthcare system and respond to climate change. ...

Irish corporate tax update

Ireland enters OECD International Tax agreement for new 15% minimum corporate tax rate What is changing? The Irish government has approved OCED proposals to introduce a global minimum corporate tax rate of 15%, applying to companies with a global group turnover in excess of €750m. This represents a significant change in policy from Irelan...