Suzanne O'Neill
Tax Partner

Office : Birr

Suzanne O’Neill is an FCCA and a Chartered Tax Advisor.  She has over 25 years’ experience working in practice advising family businesses within the SME sector.  She works closely with existing businesses and individuals throughout the lifecycle of their businesses assisting them in achieving their financial objectives.

Suzanne advises family companies and individuals within the Private Client services division of the firm.  She manages the  Midlands office in Birr, Co. Offaly, offering a wide range of professional services to clients throughout the midlands, including Audit, Compliance and Tax Consulting services.


What is my tax liability on selling an apartment I own with my mother?

6 April 2022
Q. I am about to sell a two-bedroom apartment. I own 50 per cent of it and my mother owns the other half. Her half is to be left to me in her will eventually. The apartment was bought in the late 1990s. I have lived in the apartment for the past five years, and I understand that I do not have to pay any Capital Gains Tax (CGT) as it is my domicile....

How tax-efficient is it for me to build an office in the garden?

28 June 2022
Property Clinic: You will need to separate the fit-out expenses from the building costs, and be mindful of VAT and capital gains I am a photographer and a sole trader, and am looking to build an office in my back garden so I can dispense with renting an office in my local town and work from home. Before I proceed, I was wondering what the most t...

Budget 2022 update

Budget 2022: What's new and what does it mean for your business?   Download our Budget 2022 Highlights here The highlights On October 12th the Government announced Budget 2022.  This Budget was framed upon the requirements for the Government to provide more housing, improve the healthcare system and respond to climate change. ...

Business Plus - Ireland's Leading Tax Advisers 2021

Ireland's leading tax advisers discuss their clients' main concerns over the past year in the September/October edition of Business Plus magazine. Suzanne O'Neill, Tax Partner, and Brian Kelly, Tax Director, share their insights on the tax issues top of mind for RSM's mid-market clients. As seen in Business Plus magazine, September 2021 ...

Business Post Owner Management report - Sharing the equity with key management

Owner Management - RSM Ireland Tax Partner, Suzanne O'Neill, discusses how share equity can play a crucial role in augmenting loyalty and hanging on to talent. As business owners assess their exit strategies, an experienced and motivated management team is a very valuable and vital resource in growing the business. “With the growth in the ...