Each organisation we work with is different and has specific expectations regarding our services and how they seek to utilise our team.

In summary, we can provide a tailored and cost-effective payroll service to you which will be delivered to the highest standard.

We deal with routine aspects needed to pay your employees and have up-to-date knowledge of all schemes and employee entitlements. Our payroll services are complemented by our Tax Department who can give specialist advice to employers and ensure your compliance with the Irish taxation system.

We will work with your organisation on a periodic basis (weekly, fortnightly, bi-monthly or monthly basis) and manage the entire payroll process.

As a starting point our typical payroll services can be summarised as follows:

  • administration of starters and leavers;
  • managing all salary increases;
  • performing the monthly payroll processing;
  • preparing the monthly payroll payslips for employees and which are then emailed directly to employees (payslips are PIN protected);
  • preparing the monthly payroll settlement summaries;
  • preparing the bank transfers payroll file;
  • maintaining an audit log of all changes to the employee master file;
  • calculating and preparing the PAYE/PRSI liability to be settled by the company;
  • transmitting employee net pay from the RSM Ireland client account, if required, once the funds have been received;
  • managing Direct Payroll Reporting with the Revenue Online System;
  • preparing and uploading the necessary file for the CSO EHECS survey; and
  • preparing any bespoke reports required from the payroll system for posting to your accounting system

For more information about how RSM’s outsourced payroll service can help your business, contact us.

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